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[SEAOC] Wind load per ASCE 7

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>Lets drop the Affirmative Action, Civil Engineers becoming SE and get onto 
more >essential Structural Engineering discussions. 
OK, here's a technical question (I sent it once before but either it got lost 
or no one replied): 
Is anyone familiar with application of ASCE wind load provisions?  It is not 
clear how to apply the provisions to an unenclosed structure with a gable 
roof.  I have a roof-only structure (no walls - completely open), which by 
ASCE 7 definitions falls into the category of "Other structures" (as defined 
for an unenclosed building).  The Table on Design Wind Pressures refers to 
Tables 11-16 for the coefficient Cf - but the closest the tables come to my 
structure is "Monoslope Roofs over Unenclosed Buildings", but my roof is not 
monoslope.  What coefficients apply to an open gable roof structure? 
Also, my roof overhangs the column supports - does the additional coefficient 
for roof overhangs apply to an open structure?  (If there is no wall there, 
how does the wind know its an overhang?)