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I think that publishing the "Blue Book" and any other codes on CD-ROM 
format is a necessary step to follow.  And it applies also to every other 
reference documents as encyclopedias.  The combination of 
subject-searching tools, upgradability, reduced physical space 
requirements, paper (trees, oxigen) saving, and the guarantee of monetary 
profit for the publisher, make CD-ROM the (only?) logical way to store 
this large reference documents.  

Someone said in a previous reply to Mr. Quazi's question that nothing can 
actually replace a book.  I would say: Maybe, only from a romantic point 
of view.  I agree that I would see no pleasure at all in reading my 
favourite writer's best selling novel on my monitor.  However, I don't 
think he/she meant it in this sense, but in the sense of having the 
information on your desk, at the reach of your hand -- CD-ROM gives you that.

Regarding the publisher's profit, I believe it is far cheaper to produce 
CD-ROMs than books, which leaves the publisher a broader margin for profit 
with a still affordable price for the users.

Sales would be good, I presume.  Here in Costa Rica the use of the ACI 
318 code, as well as others, is compulsory, and I am sure it would be well 
(perhaps better) sold in CD as it is in print.  So why not in the States, 
which is a far wider market?

Alfredo Gonzalez
Franz Sauter & Asociados
San Jose, Costa Rica
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