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>Someone said in a previous reply to Mr. Quazi's question that nothing can 
>actually replace a book.  I would say: Maybe, only from a romantic point 
>of view.  I agree that I would see no pleasure at all in reading my 
>favourite writer's best selling novel on my monitor.  However, I don't 
>think he/she meant it in this sense, but in the sense of having the 
>information on your desk, at the reach of your hand -- CD-ROM gives you that.
CDROM's don't fall open to a well used page like the seismic section of an
old copy of the UBC. :) I haven't found a CD "book" program yet that is as
easy as having the real thing in front of me. Our Novell and Windows NT
server manuals are "on-line" manuals and are a far cry from the printed
material. Of course you can't <search> a printed book like you can a CD
reference manual. I'd prefer to have both, printed material with a CD in a
pocket in the back cover. :)

-Adam Koczarski