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[SEAOC] RE: Cost of building codes

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Dennis S. Wish wrote: 
>If the sole issue is to recoup the clerical costs of ICBO and other 
>that propose these codes, why not simply tax the public on each building 
project for  
>a few dollars that goes for reimbursement of these development costs?...The 
government >doesn't create a tax code and then charge you each time you want 
to reference a  
>section necessary to complete your returns.  It seems outrageous to develop a 
>and then charge the design professional to use it - rather than charge the 
>for it's development....Either way, ICBO does not loose money on the venture 
and >probably would gain more if they collected money from permits issued 
rather than >professionals pockets. 
Your idea to pay for codes with taxes sounds great - except that ICBO is not a 
governmental agency with taxing authority.  If you can get the state or 
municipalities to collect a new tax and donate it to ICBO, that would permit 
publication price reductions - but how are you going to get the new taxes 
passed?  ACI and AISC also develop codes and make money selling codes as 
publications - they can't collect taxes from builders but have to charge 
engineers and voluntary member organizations for development costs.  Is ICBO 
any different?  Should we raise taxes and have a new building code sent to 
every household each time a new code comes out (like IRS does with tax forms)? 
 We can't expect "free codes".