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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Cost of building codes

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My solution was based upon recouping the cost that Frank Lew suggested 
was compensated to SEA organizations for developement and testing in the 
process of code development. The cost of production for publication of 
the code is, of course, left to ICBO. Since SEAOC is a non-profit 
organization, it would seem prudent for the municpalities to provide the 
major funding for codes development where non-profit status 
organizations are involved. If less development cost were made the 
responsibility of ICBO, would the issue of high code cost or even the 
availability of codes on electronic media even be an issue. 
It just seems to me that the service provided by ICBO is to act as an 
independent agency that code development is funneled into for final 
approval of voting members - which are comprised of building officials 
and other professionals. 
I guess what I am really trying to get to is the questions of ownership 
of the code criteria. Is the sole purpose of ICBO that of a growing 
company that secures profit - or was the intention to provide a service 
to building departments and professionals (along with all of the private 
services offered to the public).
This is not meant to be an attach on ICBO. I am not a member and don't 
really understand much more that what lies in the code books that I 
purchase and use for design. I am now and have served on different 
committees for SEAOC and SEAOSC. The committees that I worked with 
released what is now the UCBC Chapter 1 Appendix 1 and the UCBC Chapter 
Appendix 5 for light framed wood structures. My involvement ended upon 
completion of the URM and Tilt-up code proposals. I have not attended an 
ICBO meeting to see how they work. Therefore these are some un-informed