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Re: [SEAOC] High prices for codes and standards on CD-ROM

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John C. Dunlap wrote:
> Gentlemen:
> Regarding Mr. Wish's comments that a surcharge could be added to permits or etc:
> It very likely that before long the jurisditions would view the money
> collected as "theirs" in full or partially, and then would apply conditions
> to its use.  In addition, since that money becomes available, other
> interests would compete for it.
> We have managed to have autonomy this long.  Let's not give it up.
> J. Dunlap, S.E.
> ...

I'm not proposing a change in the structure of code distribution. My 
response was intended as a response to Frank Lews comments about the 
cost of development and distribution of codes. I felt that - as been 
said by others (as well as yourself in this message) - there is room 
form improvement and that the city's shouldn't pat themselves on the 
back for saving money when it is spent in archaic outdated methods to 
make these codes available to the public.
I believe that SEAOC should make codes available for reference only on 
the Internet. I sincerely doubt that this method would harm sales any 
more than Frank Lew placing one copy of the code (already on CD-ROM) 
on-line for reference by those visiting the city.
I do agree that electronic distribution is by far cheaper, but as Mark 
Deardorff aptly identified, my PC is too big and heavy to stick in my 
briefcase and carry with me. 
Please read our review of the UBC CD-Rom and AISC LFRD CD-ROM version in 
the next issue (March) of SEAOC On-Line. I think that it covers the 
topic rather well - as does our editiorial on lack of CD-ROM Viewing 

Thanks for the responses.
Dennis Wish PE