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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Cost of building codes

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Bill Sherman wrote:
> I doubt whether a national building code would refer to a "regional" document
> such as the SEAOC Blue Book, but I do support the idea of referring to the
> standard national codes for concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, and masonry.
> Perhaps a supplement to the code could be produced which would have the basic
> specifications for these materials bound together, for those who do not wish
> to purchase them separately.  But I don't like the current method of rewriting
> and reorganizing existing national codes for incorporation into UBC, etc.  I
> should be able to get familiar with one national code for a material and only
> have to note any exceptions/additions in the building code.
> ...

If ICBO decides to make national references rather than publish them in 
the UBC, it would save them money. It would, however, end up costing the 
engineers much more to purchase the references rather than rely on the 
UBC and standards.
It's true that most references are probably part of our current library, 
but it becomes a forced issue that ends up costing the professionals 
much more that simply the cost of the UBC.

Dennis Wish