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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Cost of building codes -Reply

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Bill Sherman <SHERMANWC(--nospam--at) wrote on 02/21/96 08:54pm >>>

I doubt whether a national building code would refer to a "regional"
document  such as the SEAOC Blue Book, but I do support the idea of
referring to the  standard national codes for concrete, steel, aluminum,
wood, and masonry.   Perhaps a supplement to the code could be
produced which would have the basic  specifications for these
materials bound together, for those who do not wish  to purchase them
separately.  But I don't like the current method of rewriting  and
reorganizing existing national codes for incorporation into UBC, etc.  I 
should be able to get familiar with one national code for a material and
only  have to note any exceptions/additions in the building code.  

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If you are interested in this subject, you may want to read the article in
the Engineering News Record magazine (ENR - 2/5/96), entitled
"Californians Shaky About Proposed National Code", by David
Rosenbaum of the ENR Denver office.  If I had a scanner, I'd attach a

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