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Re: [SEAOC] Struc. Observation Coming Soon

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>Tom Harris , SE3803 wrote:
>     The Ventura Co. chapter of ICBO has been considering requiring
>structural observation, as required in L.A. city, for a year now. Yesterday
>the local building officials voted to require a version starting April 1.
>Flatland houses under 3000 square feet and production tract houses ( not
>models ) are exempt. The format of observation and report are left up to the
>engineer. If anyone has a job coming up here i can fax a copy.

        At a recent SEAOC convention (1994?), it was mentioned that it would
be just a matter of time before the project's Architect (or Engineer as
applicable) would be required by a building department to field verify (and
signoff) that actual construction of the project matches the project's
construction documents. It sparked a pretty intensive debate within SEAOC on
whether this should be incorporated into the code. Washington SEA (SEAOW?)
did not support SEAOC in this endeavor.
        For myself, I prefer to give the client the option of whether to
include this service or not. I have many residential contractor clients who
DO NOT want this option because it adds extra expense to the owner. It would
seem to be just one more (potentially) costly regulation in a state
overflowing with them. 
        BTW, rumor is that wall sheathing nailing, when it is other than
standard (6" on center), will be required to be inspected under the Special
Inspection provisions in the next UBC code cycle (1997?). I'd be interested
if anyone knows where that requirement is in the approval process.

        - Terry Weatherby, SE3321.