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Re: [SEAOC] Tiltup Retrofit Anchors

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At 11:40 AM 2/23/96 -0800, Terry Weatherby wrote:
>>Dennis Wish PE wrote:
>>I concur with Tom Honles assessment of expansion anchors, although the 
>>Tilt-up committee had taken a position on "under-cut" anchors and felt 
>>that these would be perferable to expansion anchors. The Under-cut 
>>anchor, though, requires a special bit since the end of the hole is 
>>widened (bell shaped) to gain a greater hold with less tension against 
>>the sides. 
>>I perfer, and always have - especially with retrofit into poorer grades 
>>of concrete - to use the Hilti Hit anchor system with their C-100 epoxy 
>>adhesive for solid based materials. Covert Anchor uses a similar 
>>adhesive as does a typical SAE 1018 threaded rod and the Simpson 
>>"Epoxy-Tie" adhesive system.
>>Hope this helps.
>        I have found recently that DSA/SSS and OSHPD do not allow this type
>of epoxy attachment system due to a lack of "long-term durability testing".
>We were forced to go to sleeve and/or expansion anchors on recent hospital
>jobs because of that "lack" of testing.
>        I'd be curious if anyone else ran into similar design challenges.
>                - Terry Weatherby

If both of these products can get an ICBO evaluation and a City of LA
Research Report, that should be good enough. OSHPD and Caltrans are
excessively bureaucratic.
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