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Re: [SEAOC] Flexibility of metal deck

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In a message dated 96-02-23 17:57:55 EST, you write:

>Do YOU consider ALL metal decks to be "flexible", regardless of weld
>number of spans, diaphragm configuration, bracing location, etc.?

No. It depends upon many factors including whether or not the building has
any built in eccentricities. If we have a symmetrical rectangular tiltup with
a metal deck, we usually don't make the distinction. If it is a small
diaphragm or particularly subject to rotation problems we check it as *both*
and use the worst features of each model. It is pretty impractical to analyze
it with a reasonable approximation of the true rigidity.

In situations where rotation isn't an issue (aside from the 5% accidental
torsion) but where  the diaphragm is continuous past supports we also figure
it both ways unless it is highly flexible. This usually yields higher loads
to the interior shear wall.