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Re: [SEAOC] L.A. Building Code

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The 1976 LA Bldg Code (similar to the 1976 UBC) was the first edition to use
the 0.186 coefficient,that is ,when CS was specified as 0.14 max.The prior
1972 LA edition utilized the 0.133 coefficient when S was not in the formula
and C was equal to 0.1 max.

Insofar as the Cp factor,the 1979 UBC code was first to use 0.3 however the
1980 LA code still specified 0.2 Cp.Due to  a change in format ,whereby LA
modeled its code after the UBC with modifications,the next official LA Bldg
Code  wasn't published until 1985 which included the 0.3 Cp factor.

Ricardo Arevalo S.E.