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[SEAOC] re: Storage tanks

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>If anyone could give me some information on the design of steel silos or
>storage tanks, I would appreciate it.
>Chris Towne
>Virginia Tech
Hi there:

API 650 ( American Petroleum Institute )is a standard for "Welded Steel tanks
Oil Storage".  This is an excellent standard and also gives a detailed procedure
for Seismic Design of storage tanks.  Also API has a standard # 620 for
"Design and Construction of Large, Welded, Low-pressure Storage Tanks.

Another excellent book would be " Structural Engineering Handbook " by
Gaylord and Gaylord.  There is a chapter on steel tanks in this book and 
this book references the above API standards and a few other ones.

Good Luck !

Aswin Rangaswamy
Assoc. Engineer
Hess Engineering