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[SEAOC] Slab on ground

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I am designing a ground floor slab for a restaurant. The problem is 
that the ground under the restaurant is fill which is confined by 
retaining walls on three sides. The reinforced concrete retaining walls are 1m - 1.5m 
(3.3ft - 5ft) high.

A solution is to design a slab resting on ground 
with edge and intermediate beams. Typically the slab would be 
130mm(5in) thick with beams 300mm(W) x 600mm(D) (25inx50in) and with 
slab and beam reinforcements. The other option is to design a 
reinforced concrete suspended slab with drop panels 
resting on columns and pad footings on undisturbed ground.

The concerns I have with the slab on ground is

1) reliabilty of consolidation of the backfill in a 
confined space, especially around the perimeter of the retaining 
wall. There might be underconsolidation at the perimeters and there 
is this danger of damage to retaining walls due to consolidation.

2) Uneven shrinkage of the soil in a confined space, creating voids 
under the slab, which may lead to cracking of slab.

My query is:

1) Are my two concerns re. consolidation justified, in other words is 
the slab on ground a feasible solution?

I will appreciate if anybody with suitable experience of this kind 
advice me. Thanks

Raghu Pendyala
Melbourne, Australia
email: pendyala(--nospam--at)