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Re: [SEAOC] Slab on ground

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[stuff regarding design of slabs deleted...] 
> The concerns I have with the slab on ground is
> 1) reliabilty of consolidation of the backfill in a 
> confined space, especially around the perimeter of the retaining 
> wall. There might be underconsolidation at the perimeters and there 
> is this danger of damage to retaining walls due to consolidation.
> 2) Uneven shrinkage of the soil in a confined space, creating voids 
> under the slab, which may lead to cracking of slab.
> My query is:
> 1) Are my two concerns re. consolidation justified, in other words is 
> the slab on ground a feasible solution?
> I will appreciate if anybody with suitable experience of this kind 
> advice me. Thanks

Under *most* situations, you are much better of ignoring the earth
filling.  You have already specified two very good reasons for this.
Design the floor slab as if it is a roof over load bearing walls
on three sides.  The design moments etc can be determined using 
formulae in standard handbooks.

The design can be made further efficient by making the slab ribbed (as 
you already have an idea of) since the bottom of the slab is not
required to be flat.

BTW, why is only three sides of four confined?  Is it due to
requirements of service lines??

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