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[SEAOC] Montana DOT Polymers Seminar

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	Some time around the end of last year, I mentioned on here that we were
going to have an eight-hour seminar on the use of polymer repair materials in
bridge repair.  Some folks at the time indicated that they would like to have
access to the seminar without having to pay the cost of attending it.  Well, do
I have a deal for you, or what?:-)
	We paid the money to have a professional videotaping company come and
tape the entire event.  You can get yourself a copy of the entire set of
videotapes for $50 American, which price includes shipping and handling.  As
this set of speakers included some of the best and brightest names in the field
in the US, fifty bucks is a pretty good deal.  The Montana DOT receives no
revenue from the sale of the tapes.
	To order a copy, contact:
					John Murpy
					Mountain Star Video Productions
					PO Box 897
					Helena, Montana  59624
					(406) 442-3732  (voice)

The seminar agenda follows:

Jack Fontana    Consultant -- Waverly, New York (30 yrs. in the business!)
------------	The chemistry of polymer materials; similarities and
differences among them and methods of modifying molecules to produce specific
behaviors in the finished products.

Michael Sprinkel, PE	Research Director, Virginia Transportation Research
--------------------	Council, Charlottesville, Virginia
Epoxy bridge deck overlays; in particular multiple-layer systems.  Particular
emphasis on the practical aspects of applying the materials in the field.

John Trout	President, Lily Corporation -- Aurora, Illinois
----------	Epoxy injection of concrete.  Varied grouting applications in
relation to bridges.  The use of epoxies to anchor reinforcement bars and
anchor bars and bolts.

Frank Constantino	Consultant -- Port Jefferson, New York (25 yrs. in the
-----------------	biz.)
Problems that flawed specifications can introduce into projects.  Types of
machinery available for applying polymeric materials.

Michael Sprinkel, PE	Polymer crack fillers and sealers.  Practical concerns
--------------------	in substrate preparation and field application. 
Relative merits of different polymers available for this use.

Dave Meggers, PE	Research Section, Kansas DOT, Topeka, Kansas
----------------	Problems that can and do develop in the field when
using polymers on bridges.  Techniques for preventing those problems from
occurring.  Ways of identifying the causes of problems when they do occur.

The final tape contains a Question and Answer session involving all of the
speakers that lasted about forty-five minutes.