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Re: [SEAOC] Stucco

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>To All:
>I'm looking for information on how stucco should be inspected and under what
>criteria (percent unbonded area, size of unbonded area, size of shrinkage
>cracks, etc.) should a recommendation be made as to whether the stucco should
>be replaced.
>I'm not looking for individual opinions.  I've got a collection of them
>already; and, of course, nobody agrees.  I'm looking for something like a
>quoteable code/standard or a peer reviewed paper.  I have read ASTM C926 and
>did find the USACE web site's stucco spec, but they don't give info on
>inspecting stucco.
>Ray Pixley 

After the wonderful performance of gypboard and stucco during the 
Northridge earthquake, I presume you are asking about aesthetic 
performance and not a strength issue. :)