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Re: [SEAOC] storage tanks

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>Steel silos are sometimes used for agriculture storage (e.i. grains). If you
>are intersted in the design of a silo for this type of product, you might
>consider going to the VPI library and look for the newest American Society of
>Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) Book of Standards.  There should be an
>Engineering Practice that will help you out.  If you cannot find a copy of
>the ASAE Book of Standards, contact the Biological Systems Engineering
>Department in Seitz Hall.  I cannot remember the phone number off the top of
>my head, but it shouldn't be too difficult to track down.
>Good luck.
>Tom Skaggs

        Now I really don't think I'm that slow but, where can I find "VPI
library"? And where (in URL terms) can I find the ASAE Book of Standards at
the "Biological Systems Engineering Department" in "Seitz Hall". How many
"Seitz Hall's" are there on this planet?