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[SEAOC] TopDown™ Method for constructing mid-rise to high-rise concrete structures, including parking garages

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I have just been notified by the author of Formwork for Concrete Structures,
McGraw Hill's 3rd edition, professional series, that it will be bound this
month and ready for distribution.  He further stated that the book is shown
as an alternate selection in the Architect's Book Club of McGraw-Hill for
this month. Chapter 18 is the first public disclosure of the newly patented
TopDown? Method for constructing mid-rise to high-rise concrete structures.
This publication should be of great interest to those involved in the design
and construction of these types of structures, including parking garages.
The TopDown? is a faster, less expensive and seismically superior approach
to building mid to high-rise concrete structures.  If you have missed my
postings in the past or did not send for attachments, please let me know. I
have several graphic and text files that provide an overview of this new
method.  These files are available in .zip format, containing .gif and .txt
files.  Should you require different formats, please let me know and I will
respond accordingly.

Thank you!
Casey Ryan