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Re: [SEAOC] Tiltup Retrofit Anchors

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The Covert Operations name has come up several times in this thread.  Thank
you to those engineers who have put the time into investigating and
speicfying the best possible anchorage systems.  LA City Division 91 (and
others) specifically prohibit the use of expansion anchors for tension
connections.  However, the use of adhesive anchors like the Covert CIA-Gel
7000, and undercut anchors such as the Covert Operations Ductile Undercut
(DUC) anchor are allowed.  The DUC anchors transfer all of their load to the
concrete by bearing on the undercut conical section at the bottom of the
hole, similar to a cast in place bolt.

Covert Operations Inc. has provided epoxy adhesive and ductile undercut
anchors to many tilt-up retrofit projects throughout California. Our products
have ICBO, LA City, MWD,and Caltrans approvals as well as approval from DSA
in Sacramento.

Dennis Wish wrote of the use of the Hilti Hit C-100 epoxy adhesive in solid
base materials, and that Covert uses a similar adhesive.  In fact, the Covert
system uses an 100% solids, solvent free amine based epoxy.  This is very
different than the ester and urethane methacrylate systems used by Hilti (not
epoxy).  jlord(--nospam--at) wrote about saponification of
polyester/vinylester systems (Hilti and others) in this thread.  The Covert
system can achieve significantly higher capacities than the C-100 and HY-150
systems because of the numerous chemical advantages of true epoxies.  Compare
ICBO reports and see for yourself!
Questions or requests can be directed to:
Howard Silverman
Covert Operations, Inc.
E-mail: COEngineer(--nospam--at)
Phone: 800-827-7229