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Re: [SEAOC] Tiltup Retrofit Anchors

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In a message dated 96-03-08 01:54:50 EST, you write:

>However, (now to be a troublemaker) I'm sort of new on the Internet and I
>understand advertising through E-Mail is considered less than totally
>appropriate.  Anybody have an opinion if Covert Operations' plug falls in
>this category?

Hi, Carl.

IMCO the language, like "the best possible," seems a little beneath the
appropriate level of professionalism expected. It kind of turned me off to
Covert Products even though I have spec'd 'em before and probably still will.

BUT, I think it is fine to post information that is accurate and verifiable.
They should just let *us* decide. If we can read and interpret properly we'll
reach the right conclusion *without* prompting.<G>

Mark Deardorff, SE