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Re: [SEAOC] Tiltup Retrofit Anchors

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CarlS95(--nospam--at) wrote:
> This is response to Covert Operations' plug concerning their product.  Since
> I initiated a recent question on anchorage for existing tilt-up walls, I
> appreciate this information.
> However, (now to be a troublemaker) I'm sort of new on the Internet and I
> understand advertising through E-Mail is considered less than totally
> appropriate.  Anybody have an opinion if Covert Operations' plug falls in
> this category?
> Sorry.  I really do appreciate the information.
> Thanks.  : - )
> Carl S.
> ...

I would tend to agree with you on this subject, but it seems that the 
door was opened for Covert to come in and clear up any questions 
regarding their product. 
This is one very good reason that companies like Covert should create 
Web pages to provide this information (and specifications) to the 
professional community.
A sales pitch is not what I want to see when I logon to a Web page. I 
need design information and support to complete my work. 
I, for one, appreciate Coverts response, since I incorrectly described 
their product (comparing it to Hilti's C-100). 

Dennis Wish PE