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Re: RE: [SEAOC] OSHPD Reorg & Seis Safety Commission Action 3/14/96

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Sorry guys, but what is this? Perhaps you can enlighten us non-members. For
example, what do you mean by
construction oversight?

Is this structural observation? How does it fit in with the Engineer of Record?

What is construction support?

The plan reviewer is a bureaucrat. The Engineer of Record should resolve
jobsite problems.

You guys are free to write blue books, but please stay in the office.

David Owens
Senior Construction Inspector
City of Los Angeles
Deputy Inspector, Structural Steel

At 12:46 PM 3/19/96 -0500, FredT5(--nospam--at) wrote:
>Dear Shafat:
>Sorry that my summary wasn't clear. The item a) "clip" you inquired about
>included an 'as follows:' after which I listed SEAOC's three recommendations
>1. Detailed plan reviews of every project, as well as construction oversight,
>should continue to be conducted by experienced Structural Engineers.
>2. The timing and frequency of site visits should be at the discretion of the
>OSHPD Structural Engineer. The construction support by structural enginers
>should continue at a level equivalent to that which has been provided in the
>most recent past.
>3. The structural engineer plan reviewer, or a designated structural
>engineering peer review panel, should retain authority for resolving
>technical differences. Technical structural safety decisions should be under
>the jurisdiction of a Structural Engineer.
>This is from a 3/13/96 letter the SEAOC Board had directed President Maryann
>Phipps to write after a preliminary briefing before the Board at its January
>meeting. The Seismic Safety Commission added items b) and c) beyond SEAOC's
>recommendations as further requests to OSHPD as part of its conditional
>endorsement of OSHPD's reorganization.