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[SEAOC] Factors of Safety: Short-Term Structures

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A bit of a philosophical question:

We don't often think about the fact that, when we design a structure in 
steel or concrete, using the requisite building/design codes, there is a
built-in supposition that the structure is "permanent," which in 
practical, human terms means a life-span of perhaps twenty years or so 
(unless it is a sports stadium, which seems to be "old-fashioned" and 
"out of date" within five years after completion, if you believe the 
NFL/NBA owners.  But I digress...)

But what if you have a structure which, although it will have a glorious
existence, will have a necessarily brief one?  By "brief," I'm talking
in terms of just a few weeks!  Must you apply just as rigorous a regimen
of safety factors to such a structure?  And if not, HOW would one 
rationally compute the "additional" allowable?

I'd love some input on this.  Thank you.

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