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Re: [SEAOC] Factors of Safety: Short-Term Structures

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Before the 1984 Olympics in nearby Los Angeles, we were asked to design 
some wood archery structures that would just be used for Olympics.  This 
involved some score boards, small viewing stands, etc.  We knew these 
were going to be torn down, and were given the direction that due to 
budgetary restraints they wanted these built as cheaply as possible, 
taking into account the fact that they were temporary.
The effect of using short term stress increases for the wood members only 
resulted in a very small difference in the cost of the structures.  And 
since we were somewhat uneasy about applying these short term increases, 
we proceeded with a standard design.
Well, as it turned out, the Olympic committe decided to donate or sell at 
a very low price most of all of the "temporary" structures of the 
Olympics to schools and private sports concerns.  So our temporary 
structure ended up being taken apart and reassemble at some other 
"permanent" location.