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Re: [SEAOC] Factors of Safety: Short-Term Structures

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>  I have seen too many "temporary" structures
> being reused and reused.  Remember the portable buildings we saw in the
> Calstate-Northridge campus after Jan 94?  Bet you they are still there.  If
> not, probably moved somewhere else as a "new" temporary structure.
> Ever think how those "historical" buildings gets there?  We may be able to
> find a "historical temporary" building somewhere. 

FWIW, another example is the college I went to.  At the end of World War II the
university built a bunch of "temporary" housing to handle all the people going
to college on the GI Bill.  They tore down the last of that housing in the
mid-1980s, about forty years later.  The "temporary" housing was used as
married student housing that whole time.