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[SEAOC] Temporary buildings

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It is a rare building official who will relax the building code requirements 
for a "temporary" building.  As other responders have noted, the best 
intentions of owners have a way of being modified, and a temporary building 
often winds up staying for an indefinite duration, or being recycled to 
another site.  When confronted with such a request, I require a written 
committment by the owner to demolish or remove the structure by a specific 
date, and require a performance bond so that the department can contract to 
have that done if the owner fails to follow through.

During the war years, U.C. Berkeley put up 14 two-story woodframed 
structures.  They were designated at T-1 through T-14, "T" standing for 
"temporary".  The expectation was that they would be demolished after the 
war, when steel and concrete no longer would be diverted to the war effort.  
Well, I had freshman classes in T buildings in the fifties, and the last of 
those building was demolished only three years ago to make way for a new 
library.  My daughter had a class in a T building in the eighties, and by 
that time, students knew the buildings not at "temporary", but as "timeless" 

Frank Lew, CBO, SE