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Re: [SEAOC] Yield strength of structural steel shapes

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In a message dated 96-03-23 17:00:27 EST, Ron Hamburger wrote:

> The yield stress, not yield point is the desired 
>value.  Also, if the lab pulled the coupon at a slower strain rate, 
>this is more applicable to seismic loading conditions.

Additional concerns:

A steel mill rep. told me that "for seismic design the dynamic values
obtained in the mill-test probably are more appropriate.."  This is exactly
one of the things I am trying to clarify.  

I am curious about how the finite element nonlinear analysis computer
programs handle this property?  Do they use yield point value and Fu, or do
they use digitized value from lab test results?  I have also heard that the
mill tests do not actually produce a "point".  Do you have more informations?

My concern is if I "conservatively" use the lower value, the actual column
strength may appear to be "stronger" than the girders while they actually are

Y. Henry Huang, Los Angeles