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Re: [SEAOC] Please help me with english units.

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In a message dated 96-03-28 19:48:58 EST, you write:

>I need an (urgent) help about those weird english-system units.
>For a work I have to do for the Hydrology course, I have to analyse a text
>with the following units : cusecs, lakh, lb, acre-ft.
I cannot help you with the first two units, but an acre-ft is a volume
measurement.  It represents one acre of substance one foot deep.  This
strange unit is sometime used to measure the volume of water (surface area of
a body of water in acres times depth). The unit "acre" is equivalent to
43,560 square feet.  Therefore:

1 acre-ft = 43,560 cubic feet

You should be able to convert this volume to your unit of choice.

FWIW, an acre origninally represented the amount of land a person, horse and
plow could cultivate in one day.  As you can probably guess, the unit was
somewhat difficult to standardize.

Now there are 640 acres in a square mile, which works out to 43,560

Tom Skaggs