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Re: [SEAOC] Please help me with english units.

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> I need an (urgent) help about those weird english-system units.
> For a work I have to do for the Hydrology course, I have to analyse a text
> with the following units : cusecs, lakh, lb, acre-ft.
> If you could help me (the faster the better), it would be great.
> I am so happy to work within a logical unit system.
> Thanks god, and thank you in advance.
> Marc.

I can't say I've ever heard of "cusecs" or "lakh" but I can help with
the rest:

1 lb = 0.4536 kg (in earth's gravity)
1 acre-ft = 1,233.53 m^2

Remember, "A pint's a pound the world around," not just in the USA.  
Doesn't that sound more poetic than "Approximately 0.5 l of 
water possess approximately 0.5 kg  of mass?" :)


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