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Re: [SEAOC] Space Truss Manufacturer

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Prof. Arcaro writes:
>     We had an accident with the gymnasium roof of the university. The roof
> will be reconstructed and we are considering a space truss. I want to know
> if you could point any reliable space truss manufacturer that would be
> interested in presenting a proposal for the manufacturing and the exporting
> of required steel tubes and connections. The horizontal projection is about
> 8,000 square meters.

I have recently spent some efforts in considering the different aspects
of behaviour of space frames consisting of steel tubes and spherical 
connectors.  My observations regarding the space frame type of
construction are:
(1)  The analysis for different load conditions are fairly 
straight forward (ofcourse, after the configuration of the truss
is known).

(2)  By far, the most important consideration in its design is 
architectural.  The governs the configurations as well as the 
orientation of the truss.

As far as this particular problem is concerned, 8000 sq. metres is 
a very large roof area and will have to be erected in sections.
Most roof-truss manufacturers should be able to do this job, with 
the time taken depending on the equipments available to them.
Several good companies specialise in this field in North America and 
Europe.  Ofcourse, I am not in a position to recommend companies in 
your country.