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[SEAOC] Please help me with english units.

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Thank's to all for the information.
Everything is in my pocket calculator, and I work ahead !
Only one little comment about what I saw in
Obviously, the ASCE is planning the exceptionnal use of the SI in
replacement of the English system.In a way, it might be better, because
engineers the world around might understand each other easyer, but in
another way, it is too bad that every difference is flattened by the
bulldozer of normalisation.The same way it would not be easy for me to
visualise 1.2 lakh cusecs, it would be a hell for engineers used at the
english system, to change to MKS system.
I liked very much the pint that weights a pound, the world around, but isn't
it more logic to have a logical, 10 - based unit system ?