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[SEAOC] Incising

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     Dear Mr. Chock,
     Your April 2, 1996 e-mail to SEAOC indicated that you 
     were proposing a code amendment for effects on strength 
     of incising on Douglas-Fir and Hem-Fir lumber. Please 
     note that AF&PA is already addressing this issue for 
     the 1996 edition of the National Design Specification 
     (R) for Wood Construction. The proposed new section to 
     the NDS is as follows:
     2.3.11-Incising Factor, C_i
     Tabulated design values shall be multiplied by the 
     following incising factor, C_i, when structural sawn 
     lumber is incised to increase penetration of 
     preservatives with incisions cut parallel to grain, a 
     maximum depth of 3/4 inch, a maximum length of 3/8", 
     and a maximum density of incisions of 357/ft^2. 
     Incising factors shall be determined by test for 
     incising patterns exceeding these limits.
     Design Value                       C_i
     E                                  0.95
     Fb, Ft, Fc                         0.85
     Fv, Fc                             1.00
     This proposal is currently being balloted to the 
     AF&PA/ANSI Canvass Committee for the 1996 NDS. Results 
     will be reported sometime in July.
     Please contact me if you have further questions.
     John "Buddy" Showalter, P.E.
     Manager, Structural Engineering
     American Forest & Paper Association
     American Wood Council
     1111 - 19th Street, NW, Suite 800
     Washington, DC 20036
     P: 202-463-2771
     F: 202-463-2791
     email  Buddy_Showalter(--nospam--at) 
     Compuserve  ccmail:Buddy Showalter @ afandpa