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> Question for anyone who's interested:
> Are you using ASD or LRFD (or something else) for steel design, and why?
> Thanks,
> Bruce Bates
> RISA technologies
> ...

We use only ASD in our office.  Why, only because we don't have the time 
to go back and learn LRFD.  Four of our five Engineers are "seasoned" 
engineers and did not have the benefit of learning this method in school. 
 The one recent graduate we have here is being forced to use only ASD so 
the rest of us could help him with his desgins, and do a proper back 
check of his work.  So in a few years he will probably completely forget 
I'm am not saying this is right, or that there are not benefits to 
learning LFRD.  But this is real life in the Engineering community.  
Perhaps some larger engineering offices have the time and budget to train 
their engineers in a new method of design.  I would suspect that most 
small offices such as ours that work on tight budgets cannot afford to 
re-train their engineers to do LFRD.

When I was in school more than 20 years ago, we learned both WSD and USD 
for Concrete.  At my first job (Bechtel), we used USD for concrete.  But 
at my second job in a small office, my boss didn't know USD, and forced 
me to use WSD.  I became very proficient at WSD.  So even today, I still 
use WSD.  Because of school and my two years at Bechtel, I still 
understand USD and can check other peoples work.  So in concrete, our 
office uses both WSD and USD.  
It may take 20 years or so before LRFD takes hold as the mainstream 
desgin method for steel!