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CarlS95(--nospam--at) wrote:

>  My personal reason:  Until LRFD load factors match the Strength
> load factors, I don't want any part of the confusion of carrying through
> three sets of numbers for every calculation:  (one set for the steel frame,
> one set for the concrete foundation, and one set for the soil bearing).
>  Blame it on the concrete people for not compromising and using the same load
> factors as for steel, if you want, but they were there first.


The 1995 edition of ACI-318 has a new chapter for use when designing 'composite' 
structures.  Specifically, when designing a structure with both steel and concrete, 
the new ACI-318 allows the use of revised Strength Reduction Factors (phi) so that the 
AISC Load Factors can be used for the design of both the steel AND the concrete.