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On Mon, 8 Apr 1996 BRBATES(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Question for anyone who's interested:
> Are you using ASD or LRFD (or something else) for steel design, and why?
> Thanks,
> Bruce Bates
> RISA technologies

I just started looking into LRFD a couple of weeks ago. There was a three 
part tutorial in "Modern Steel Construction" June, July, and August 1995, 
that I am going through, and it doesn't seem all that difficult.
In college, in the sixties we were taught both WSD and USD for concrete 
design, but I have always been able to use USD wherever I worked. I have 
had to do some checking of "old geezers" who didn't want to switch. 
I am now a semi-"old geezer" but I intend to move to what appears to be a 
more rational method.

Regarding the load factors themselves, the ANSI/ASCE-7 load factors being 
used, seem to have been arrived at after much thought. They do seem a bit 
less conservative than those of ACI (yes, they were ther first, but that's 
not a very good argument for keeping an Engineering design method). I was 
at the ACI Code update seminar yesterday, and we were told (by Loring 
Wylie) that ACI would probably start using them a couple of codes down 
the line. If more conservativism is desired, it can be handled with the 
capacity reduction factors.

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