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[SEAOC] Virus warning - pkzip300

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I just received a warning of a virus as follows: 
 "A new Trojan horse virus has emerged on the Internet with the name  
     PKZIP300.ZIP, so named as to give the impression that this file is a  
     new version of the PKZIP software used to ZIP (compress) files.  Do not  
     download this file under any circumstances!  If you install or expand  
     this file the virus will wipe your hard disk and effect modems at 
     14.4 and higher.  This is an extremely destructive virus and there is  
     not yet a way of cleaning up this one.  Repeat: Do not download any  
     file with the PKZIP300.-- regardless of the extension.  The current  
     information that we have regarding the PK virus is the following: The  
     PKware bbs has the following message in their logon banner: Do not  
     trust or use ANY other version of PKZIP other than 1.10, 1.93,2.04c,  
     2.04e,or 2.04g. All other versions currently circulating on BBS's are  
     hacks or fakes."