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Re: [SEAOC] Virus warning - pkzip300

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In a message dated 96-04-11 10:51:17 EDT, you write:


Here we go again. A ZIP file, per se, *cannot* pass on a virus. Only an EXE
or COM or any other executable code can infect a computer.

If there is such an animal than it can *only* be a program contained within
the ZIP file. It is also possible that a ZIP file converted to an EXE can be
infected. But only *after* the conversion or by the program effectuating the

Wherever such warnings arise I get very suspicious when the warning is so
technically incorrect. It should be verified independantly before posting.

Remember the Good Time mail virus hoax? That is *still* floating around the
net 2 years later. 

I got a call from my blueprinter the other day. His cad operator who plots
files told me, gravely, that my DXF files were infected! Wow!<g> I had to go
show him how to use his virus protection program. But it took a while. He
didn't trust me, you see. Because I distributed infected TEXT files. <VBG>