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On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, John M. Sun wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Marlou B. Rodriguez wrote:
> > Here in the Architectural Engineering Department of Cal Poly, San luis 
> > Obispo, we are learning the ASD method.  The reason that was given to us 
> > is that everyone is already using the ASD and the faculty does not think 
> > that it is worth the time and money to learn a new method in the design 
> > of steel.
> well, here at UCLA, we are taught LRFD because it's the direction, our 
> professor believes, the industry is headed.  Progress is often made with 
> the resistance of the majority, but if not even the new generation of 
> engineers are taught the new methods, then I guess we do need to wait 
> "another 20 years or so" to move forward.  
> John Sun
> ...

Well I went to CPSLO and was a *CE* major. We were the first Steel Design
course ('91)to be taught *LRFD* at CPSLO and I believe CE's are still taught
LRFD in there Steel Design course now.

Although for a different course, Senior Design, as one of three projects
we were required to design a four story steel moment frame in which we
were taught and used ASD for it's design mainly because a different prof
believed we should know ASD too.  He had given us the option of using LRFD
for the SMF but i think most students used ASD since he favored it (he was
a very practical SE, in fact he still liked WSD for concrete too...). 

So, we (CE's) got a double dose. LRFD and ASD in school (CPSLO). But for
it's practical application and familiarity by a certain prof, it seemed that 
ASD was pushed.

As far as ARCHE's go at CPSLO, I think they always have, and still do 
teach only ASD.

By the way, at CPSLO these two majors are in different Schools (called 
Colleges now): CE's in the College of Engineering, and ARCHE's in the 
College of Architecture.


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