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Re: [SEAOC] Please help me with english units.

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cusecs means cubic ft per second
lakh means 100,000
lb. means 453.6 grams
acre- ft  : 1 acre=4840 sq. yard: 1 Yard=3ft. : 1 ft. =30.48 cm
 therefore 1 acre-ft = 4840x9x.3048**3 Cubic Metre

 I hpoe this is all clear

Amal K. De P.Eng.

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996, Marc wrote:

> I need an (urgent) help about those weird english-system units.
> For a work I have to do for the Hydrology course, I have to analyse a text
> with the following units : cusecs, lakh, lb, acre-ft.
> If you could help me (the faster the better), it would be great.
> I am so happy to work within a logical unit system.
> Thanks god, and thank you in advance.
> Marc.
> ...