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[SEAOC] Gerber Girder Bottom Chord Extensions

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Has anybody ever seen a gerber girder system with either wood plate or 
Trus-Joist TJL type joists used as bottom chord extensions at the column 

I have a job where we spec'd steel owsj's with bottom chord extensions 
at all column locations where there were cantilevers -- an alternate has 
come up to use a wood plate truss system. Our drawings specify that the 
bottom chord extensions must be designed for a +/- load of 2% of the 
compression flange force which in this case amounts to 1000lbs. The only 
issue I see with a wood plate truss is the stiffness when this load is 
applied to the bottom chord -- that is what is the lateral deflection 
of the beam bottom flange and what is an acceptable limit?

We are not in a seismic zone.

Kevin Elbury, P.Eng.
Kelowna, B.C., Canada