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[SEAOC] Computer Modeling LRFD

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        Back to the question that Bruce Bates started about LRFD vs
        I remember attending an AISC seminar by Ron Becker who talked
        about correct LRFD computer modeling for full 3-D analysis.
        described having to have "two" computer models; one for the
        "real" structure and another model for the addition of
        "fictitious columns" in order to get the correct factors for
        second order effects (B1, B2, Pu, Pn, etc.).  Can one of the
        LRFD gurus explain this problem and any work arounds other
        running a full P-Delta analysis.  Do any of the major
        programs (STAAD III, GT-STRUTL, SAP90/ETABS, etc.) handle
        correctly especially for significant horizontal loading.

        Thomas Hunt