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     This LRFD or ASD Design thread was initiated by Bruce Bates

     "Question for anyone who's interested: Are you using ASD or LRFD
     something else) for steel design, and why?"

     The responses since then indicate that there is little use of
the LRFD
     method on the West Coast.  A variety of reasons are given, but
     employers seem to expect their new employees to work in ASD.

     This leads to my question as the Instructor of the undergraduate
     Structural Steel Design Courses at Cal State Fullerton:

     "Should the West Coast Universities be teaching ASD because the
     present employers are using it, or should they be teaching LRFD
     because future employers might be using it?"

     Within the curriculum it is not practical to teach both ASD and
     At Cal State Fullerton, we presently teach ASD in our semester
     undergraduate courses.  The last 2 lectures are devoted to the
     concepts of LRFD design.  Which methods do the other West Coach
     schools teach?

     Rick Drake, SE