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On Mon, 20 May 1996, Drake, Rick wrote:

>      This LRFD or ASD Design thread was initiated by Bruce Bates
> with:
>      "Question for anyone who's interested: Are you using ASD or LRFD
> (or
>      something else) for steel design, and why?"
>      Within the curriculum it is not practical to teach both ASD and
>      At Cal State Fullerton, we presently teach ASD in our semester
>      undergraduate courses.  The last 2 lectures are devoted to the
>      concepts of LRFD design.  Which methods do the other West Coach
>      schools teach?
>      Rick Drake, SE
>      rick.drake(--nospam--at)

I took concrete design in '67, using Ferguson, 2nd edition, which gave 
about equal coverage to WSD and USD. For the first few years after 
graduating, I ran into situations where one or the other was required. 
Our school was on the quarter system, so we covered a lot in a short 
time. I guess what I'm leading up to here, is that, maybe with a little 
creativity, you -could- say, emphasize LRFD, but also throw in enough ASD 
to get your students started should they need it. We are starting to use 
LRFD some in our office, and other engineers I have talked to indicate 
that they are starting to look at it. I would guess that we -will- 
eventually be using it as much as USD. Bottom line: a student who goes to 
work in an office with no preparation in the design method that office is 
using is not going to look back fondly on their Alma Mater.

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