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[SEAOC] Re: Pushover analysis

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======On Mon, 20 May 1996, Bill Sherman wrote:
> I've seen this term several times on the listserver but am not familiar with 
> it - what is a "pushover analysis"? 
Pushover analysis is a term used for non-linear static 
analysis of frames (buildings). In this method first a 
distribution for lateral load on frame is assumed. This
distribution of lateral load is kept constant during analysis.
It means that the relative value of load on each floor compare to 
load on other floors remains the same during analysis. 
Then the magnitude of lateral load is progressively increased 
till the top displacement of frame reaches to a specific value
(target displacement). 

The main idea is to use pushover analysis to evaluate the
capacity of frame. Also there are some studies suggesting that 
pushover analysis can be used as an alternative to non-linear
dynamic analysis. In these methods non-linear dynamic analysis
is performed on an equivalent SDOF; single degree of freedom 
system (an easy task) to find the target displacement. Then
the pushover analysis is performed on the frame so that the
top displacement of frame reaches that target displacement. 
And the distribution of damage in frame due to this pushover 
analysis can be used as an estimation of damage in non-linear 
dynamic analysis.

Abdi (A.S. Moghadam)