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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] 1994 UBC Conventional Framing Section - Opinions Wanted

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     Dennis, i want to support your effort. How can i help? Feel free to call
me at 805-499-4484.
     I had a different experience from Mr. Ranous. I asked for and received a
position statement on seaosc's official position regarding structural
observation and the task force recommendations for wood framing. This was
very powerful in getting the local building officials to adopt a policy on
structural observation. I am currently writing letters to L.A. county board
of supervisors advising them that the L.A. county  area between L.A. city and
Ventura county is not keeping up with the higher quality control of the
surrounding areras. I have written to every councilman , mayor and supervisor
in Ventura county in the past and the response has been surprising. I urge
other engineers to write their local politicions to inform them and help
prepare for the next earthquake. When a councilman or supervisor forwards an
engineers' letter to the building official asking for a response back, you
generally will get attention. Even the govenor forwarded one of my letters to
the seismic commision which sent me a positive response.

Tom Harris , SE3803
Thousand Oaks, CA