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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] 1994 UBC Conventional Framing Section - Opinions Wanted

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Thanks for your response Tom. I have already discussed this issue with 
Ben Schmidt SE and Arnold Bookbinder SE - both respected opinions within 
SEAOSC (at least by me). 
Ben has asked that I draft up a position to be taken by the engineering 
community as a whole. He will review it and obtain enough signitures 
from engineers with political influence and present the document to the 
state SEAOC board of directors. The intention is to provide a unified 
stand by the entire state and to then have the state present it to ICBO 
for removal or revision to a proper code.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to word this correctly for submittal to 
the state. If you have experience in this matter and can help me draft 
this properly, I would greatly appreciate it.
My first step was to acertain whether I have my facts straight. I can't 
find appropriate content in this section of the code that dictates 
proper connection of diaphrams to shear elements. I certainily can not 
find language that would be understood by the non-professional whom it 
was originally intended to help.
I would like to get some more opionions, but I feel that the responses 
will be small since most offices do not deal with individual single 
family homes where conventional framing standards are utilized.

Let me know more of your thoughts.
Dennis Wish CE 041250
La Quinta California