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[SEAOC] LRFD vs ASD, midwest perspective

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I am a Ca SE w/ 5 years experience in California and 10 outside.  In the
midwest the switch to LRFD is probably going to be slower than California,
simply because there are alot of small buildings which engineers design
without alot of intensive calculation.  They say  why complicate something
that is already simple.  However, the top guns in the midwest are currently
using LRFD and investing in LRFD software.

While not official, you can rely on the fact that the ASD 9th edition is the
last ASD steel manual that will ever be published.  Thus in 10 years the only
ASD manual available will be dated 1989, 17 years old.  In 10 years we will
all be using LRFD.

Schools should continue teaching LRFD.  New hires will have to strugle with
ASD for a while (new hires have lots to struggle with anyway),  and old
employers will struggle with the transition to LRFD over the next 10 years.

Don't panic, 10 years is along time to learn and and adjust to keeping  up
with the state of the practice.

Thomas F. Heausler, S.E.
Kansas City, MO