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[SEAOC] SURVEY: Market for Organization and Project Management Software

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Subject:  SURVEY: Market for Organization and Project Management Software
Reply-To: wai(--nospam--at)
Expires:  June 7, 1996


o Introduction

We are a team of graduate students in the Civil Engineering and 
IEEM departments at Stanford University conducting a survey for our class 
project on the market needs for organizational management systems, and 
we appreciate your feedback to our survey.  We cordially ask you to spend 
a few minutes to read through the abstract and answer the survey questions 
below.  Please return the reviewed questionnaire by June 3 if possible, 
via email to:


After evaluating all the returned surveys, the evaluation result will 
be available upon request.  Thank you.

o Abstract

"In today's competitive market, corporations face rapidly changing demands, 
 information technology and challenges.  Coupled with the increasing scale 
 of magnitude and complexity in our everyday projects, the change in 
 information technology has unclear impact on productivity, as well as new 
 production paradigm. This results in challenges to corporations to meet the 
 needs of rapid design, production, delivery, and quality control.  

"Our conceptual technology, the 'Just-In-Time Organizational Management System'
 (JITOMS) is a software system that would assist project managers to:
  - effectively utilize resources (minimize residue cost), 
  - dynamically adjust to changes in schedule (minimize delays and mistakes), and 
  - focus more attention on maintaining high standards of operation. 

"Unlike products such as Primavera, Microsoft Project or the traditional 
 CPM method, our conceptual JITOMS explicitly incorporates and considers 
 the organizational structure and behavior (i.e., line of supervision, 
 level of centralization, level of formalization, etc.), and types of 
 communication tools used.  This creates a more realistic schedule through 
 simulation that is capable of reflecting the limitations of information 
 processing capability of project participants, the extra needs of coordination 
 effort required, and identifying the bottleneck location of the project within 
 the organization.  Because JITOMS makes use of today's state-of-the-art 
 technology, it permits project managers to perform fast sensitivity studies 
 for different organizational configurations during project planning, and for 
 organization monitoring and adjustment during execution phases.

"JITOMS targeted industries include companies ranging from dynamic software 
 development management to large-scale infrastructure project supervision, 
 where the critical path may constantly be affected and changed due to 
 uncertainties and exceptions.  Examples would include construction of a new 
 airport, or management of human resources in third world nations. "

o Survey

There are two parts to the survey, looking at the Market and Individual 
perspectives.  There are seven and eight questions in each part respectively.  
Answers need not be long.  Thank you.

o Part 1 (Market)

1.  Is there a real need for such an organization management software system?
	(On a scale of 1 to 5)
	No - 	1	2	3	4	5	- Yes


2.  How close do you judge our concept of the market to be in comparison 
    to the demand in the real world? 
	(On a scale of 1 to 5)
	Very far off -  1	2	3	4	5  - Reflecting the need


3.  Who might be the best benefited by this software system? 
    In terms of Industries (e.g., construction, electronic, etc.)
    Or in terms of sizes (e.g., large firm, small start-up, etc.)

4.  What is your estimate of the market size for this type of software system?  
    (large, small, or in terms of potential value)

	[   ]  $1 - $10 million
	[   ]  $10 - $100 million
	[   ]  $100 million +


5.  Who do you think might be the competitors?  Or are there software in market
    that you know have similar capabilities?

6.  If such organizational management software system is available, how much 
    are you willing to pay?   Or to re-phrase it, what is the value that this 
    software system can bring to you in your project? 
    For how much would you be willing to buy it?  

	[   ]  $10 - $100 range
	[   ]  $100 - $1000 range
	[   ]  $1000 - $5000 range
	[   ]  $5000 +

7.  Or, how much are you willing to use it through on-line service?

        [   ]  $10 - $50 range per month
        [   ]  $50 - $100 range per month
        [   ]  $100 - $1000 range per month
        [   ]  $1000 +


o Part 2 (Individual)

1.  Are you currently hiring or using some types of:
	- human management consultants for project planning? 

	- project management or scheduling software?
		[   ] Primavera
		[   ] MS Project
		[   ] Others: 

2.  For hiring human management consultants, how much do they typically charge?
    (How much per hour? And what is the total cost?)

3.  For the project management and scheduling software you are using, do you 
    feel they provide conservative, accurate, or optimistic results that is 
    comparison to real project?  (e.g., meeting deadlines.)

4.  How often do you adjust schedule by rules of thumb in terms of allowing 
    slack resources or safety factors?

5.  How much impact would efficient time and resource management be on your 
    typical projects' cost?
	(e.g., 10% reduction in cost, shorter time, no effect, etc.)

6.  How much impact minimum would you like to see a software product like 
    JITOMS to your projects' cost?  

7.  Would you use software products like the JITOMS to assist you in managing 
    your projects?   Or, how appealing is it to you?  What features of JITOMS 
    attract you the most?

8.  Assuming in the future, you decided to obtain JITOMS:
    Would you prefer buying it (to own it)?  
    Or use it online (no maintenance or upgrade hassles)?

Thank you very much again for your time and patient.

Please return the reviewed questionnaire via email to:

Benjamin Wai