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[SEAOC] Letter from CAC Chair

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Letter from Shafat Qazi
Chairman, SEAOC Computer Applications Committee

Dear Structural Engineers:

Year 1995-96 was a year of electronic accomplishments for Structural
Engineers Association of California (SEAOC). With the help of the Computer
Applications Committee (CAC) of Structural Engineers Association of
California, a lot was accomplished. Here is a list of a few items.

1. The World Wide Web server for SEAOC has gained tremendous popularity
among our fellow engineers. On average over 3000 users visit our web site
per month. Thanks to Dennis McCroskey for continued updated on our web
pages. You can visit our Web site at

2. Internet email server has grown significantly. Currently there are over
one thousand engineers who receive email from our list server on a regular
basis every day. We have subscribers from all over the world, including Uk,
India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia and several major

3. The local offices have started communicating more and more via email.
This helps in reducing phone cost and acts as an instant communication tool.

4. Our Northern chapter has started posting an electronic version of their
monthly newsletter on our web site. Other sections are expected to post
their newsletter by the end of July 1996. This allows engineers to read the
monthly newsletter on-line.

5. The state wide Computer Application Committee met regularly on a
quarterly basis. Currently they are considering the possibility of posting
the Vision 2000 and the Blue Book on our WWW server.

6. Our Computer Applications Committee Newsletter gained popularity nation
wide. Currently it is being circulated to all sections of California and
nine other states. The cost of the printing and mailing is compensated by
the advertising in the newsletter.

I like to thank all the members of SEAOC who played an important role in
making all this happen. To mention a few names, I like to thank Dennis Wish,
Claude St. Amant, Larry Mackel, Gordon Safely, Joseph Hourani, Bruce Bates,
James Lord, Dennis McCroskey, Steve Fisher, Gerard Murdock, Mark Deardorff,
Mark Middlebrook, Jeff Soulages, Ted Canon, Jane Gilbert and Don Gilbert. I
also like to thank SEAOSC and SEAOC board of directors for their support and

For the upcoming year we are planing to work on the following items:

1. Establish a larger circulation for our Computer Newsletter.

2. Improve the SEAOC email list.

3. Develop electronic link with City of Los Angeles, department of Building
and Safety. This will help engineers communicate better with plan checkers
and also keep the engineering community aware of all new policies being
adopted by the City. Hopefully, this will be a model link and I expect other
cities around the nation to follow.

4. Provide more information, documentation and research papers on our
Internet server.

Please keep the communication lines open. Your input is very important. Lets
all work together to build a strong bridge on this Information Highway.

Thank you

Shafat Qazi, P.E.

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